FI Accelerator Plan | $3,500

  • A comprehensive financial planning service for individuals who are already on the path to FI and want to optimize their strategy.
  • Ideal for those who have established portfolios and are seeking a detailed review and a second opinion.
  • Includes:
    • Written recommendations and an FI progress review
    • Retirement and cash flow projections with a focus on FI milestones
    • Analysis of tax-efficient withdrawal strategies
    • Review of existing portfolio with asset allocation optimization
    • Assessment of Roth IRA conversion opportunities
    • 2-year tax planning strategy
    • Basic estate planning and insurance review tailored to FI needs
  • 30 days of email and telephone support post-consultation.

FI Foundation Plan | $2,750

  • A detailed financial planning service for those beginning their journey towards FI, aiming to establish a solid foundation.
  • Suitable for individuals in their career growth phase looking to align their financial efforts with FI goals.
  • Includes:
    • Written recommendations, retirement, and FI trajectory projections
    • Current portfolio review with an FI-focused asset allocation plan
    • Proposed portfolio adjustments for FI acceleration
    • Optional add-on for education planning for family FI goals
  • 30 days of email and telephone support post-consultation.

FI Roadmap | $3,900

  • An in-depth financial planning engagement for individuals actively planning for an FI-oriented retirement.
  • Geared towards those approaching the transition to FI who need to finalize their strategies.
  • Includes:
    • Written recommendations, detailed FI and retirement projections
    • Social Security analysis with an eye towards FI timing
    • Portfolio review and asset allocation for the pre- and post-FI phases
    • Estate planning and insurance needs analysis from an FI perspective
  • 30 days of email and telephone support post-consultation.

FI Check-Up Session | $850

  • A focused consultative session for individuals with targeted FI questions or who require guidance on specific aspects of their FI plan.
  • Best for those with simpler financial situations or for existing clients needing periodic reviews.
  • Includes:
    •  A one-topic deep dive, such as investment review, college savings strategies, or FI milestone planning
    •  A concise summary of recommendations
  • 15 days of email and telephone support post-consultation.