Chukwudi Uraih

I grew up as the only son of Nigerian immigrants. We didn't have much, but what we lacked in wealth, my parents made up for with hard work, resilience, and a relentless belief in a brighter future. They sacrificed so much for me, working long hours, all in the hope of providing me with opportunities they didn't have.

Seeing their struggles and sacrifices, I developed a deep respect for the power and potential of money at an early age. I realized that money was more than just currency—it was a tool that could open doors, create opportunities, and provide security. But I also had a misplaced view that money was something that only certain people have enough of it and we weren't one of them.

My father, a dedicated pharmacist, worked 12-hour days and was financially devastated when he lost his job after 19 years of service. He lost EVERYTHING. Witnessing the impact of this loss on him, both emotionally and financially, I understood the critical need for financial stability, especially as one approaches retirement age. It's this experience that fueled my passion for financial planning and made me realize how vital it is to have a sound financial strategy in place.

I embarked on my career as a financial advisor only after career as an engineer and another as a management consultant and most importantly after semi-retiring, with the mission to prevent what happened to my father from happening to anyone who would listen. With each client I work with, I strive to help them achieve financial independence before the age of 67, so they can enjoy the fruits of their hard work without the looming fear of financial uncertainty.

I founded Lampados Financial Group to be the beacon of financial guidance, to illuminate the path to financial independence, to ensure that hard-working individuals have the tools and knowledge they need to secure their financial future. My journey, my experiences, and the lessons I've learned from my parents have shaped my approach to money and drive me to help others achieve the financial freedom they aspire to.

My money story is one of learning, understanding, and transforming my experiences into purposeful action. It's about turning challenges into opportunities and using money as a tool to make dreams a reality. It's a story that fuels my dedication to helping others navigate their financial journey and achieve their own version of financial success.


Education Credentials

CFP Program – Southern Methodist University (SMU)
Series 65 – FINRA
Business Dynamics – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
MBA – Darden School of Business (UVA)
MS, Systems Engineering – The George Washington University
MS, Mechanical Engineering - Drexel University
BS, Mechanical Engineering - University of Virginia (UVA)

Military Awards

Bronze Star (2X)
Meritorious Service Medal
Army Commendation Medal
Army Achievement Medal
Operation Freedom’s Sentinel
Operation Inherent Resolve Campaign
Operation Enduring Freedom Campaign
Operation Iraqi Freedom Campaign
20 years of service in the Army Reserve